Sustainable Growth

The rate of growth fuels the issues we experience: school funding, traffic, and housing developments. Residents tell me daily they want the traffic snarls we all sit in and the overcrowded schools our kids attend, to be addressed.

The county should ensure proper infrastructure is in place before expansion. Ways to do that include assessing roads to see if they can accommodate the influx of traffic, establishing a long-term water plan, and recommending new housing developments set aside land for a school and fire station. These strategies could lessen growing pains while still maintaining our high quality of life.

School Funding

It is vital to reduce class size by hiring more teachers and to equip every school with necessary resources to ensure every student succeeds, my top priorities are to listen to Williamson County residents and work with the board and the community on urging the state legislature to increase funds for education.

Smart Economic Development

We need to strengthen the tax base to better address citizens’ needs without neglecting infrastructure; increase workforce housing so that police officers, firefighters, and teachers can live where they serve; and work with the Chamber of Commerce on achieving smarter economic development.